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\"Find Out 100 Ways To Ignite
Your Opt-In Subscribers!\"
It\'s Like Having 100 Rounds Of List Building Ammunition To Use At Your Disposal!
Dear Friend,
I\'ll make this faster than a speeding bullet. There\'s a killer offer pointed right at you and I don\'t want you to move out of it\'s way...
Here\'s what this is all about: I\'m offering you the Master Resell Rights to a new report called \"List Building Firepower: 100 Ways To Ignite Your Opt-In Subscribers!\".
It includes some of the most effective list building techniques ever designed and they\'re all together for you in one informative report.
Can you picture being armed with these 100 techniques?

1. The \"Specific Date\" Technique
2. The \"So Many Minutes\" Technique
3. The \"Here\'s Your Lesson\" Technique
4. The \"E-Report\" Technique
5. The \"Tease Me\" Technique
6. The \"Great Deal\" Technique
7. The \"JV Discount\" Technique
8. The \"Worth It?\" Technique
9. The \"Virus\" Technique
10. The \"Swipe Them\" Technique
11. The \"Republish It\" Technique
12. The \"Future Goals\" Technique
13. The \"Future Problems\" Technique
14. The \"Prize Fest\" Technique
15. The \"Las Vegas\" Technique
16. The \"Fast Forward\" Technique
17. The \"See It Everywhere\" Technique
18. The \"Multiple Choice\" Technique
19. The \"My Credentials\" Technique
20. The \"Confidentiality Agreement\" Technique
21. The \"100% Pure\" Technique
22. The \"Look Who\'s Here\" Technique
23. The \"Believe Them\" Technique
24. The \"Collect Them All\" Technique
25. The \"Next Time\" Technique
26. The \"Ad Less\" Technique
27. The \"Give Me Them\" Technique
28. The \"Swap Me\" Technique
29. The \"Got Friends?\" Technique
30. The \"It\'s Worth\" Technique
31. The \"Targeted Flirt\" Technique
32. The \"Give It Away\" Technique
33. The \"Try A Piece\" Technique
34. The \"See The Past\" Technique
35. The \"Waiting List\" Technique
36. The \"Unsubscribe\" Technique
37. The \"E-mail Me\" Technique
38. The \"Keep It Free\" Technique
39. The \"I\'ll Pay You\" Technique
40. The \"Easy Form\" Technique
41. The \"Budget It\" Technique
42. The \"Subscribers-Only\" Technique
43. The \"Barter Everything\" Technique
44. The \"I\'ll Be There\" Technique
45. The \"My Advice\" Technique
46. The \"Snooze You Lose\" Technique
47. The \"Famous Guest\" Technique
48. The \"Skim It\" Technique
49. The \"Full Of Help\" Technique
50. The \"Total Them Up\" Technique
51. The \"A Long Time\" Technique
52. The \"Personal Touch\" Technique
53. The \"Gift Subscription\" Technique
54. The \"Work Involved\" Technique
55. The \"Goes Both Ways\" Technique
56. The \"What You Missed\" Technique
57. The \"Only Mine\" Technique
58. The \"Stay Current\" Technique
59. The \"Why Subscribe?\" Technique
60. The \"How Often?\" Technique
61. The \"Cold Hard Facts\" Technique
62. The \"Battle Tested\" Technique
63. The \"Autograph\" Technique
64. The \"Ratio Of Visitors\" Technique
65. The \"Plenty Of Ways\" Technique
66. The \"How To\" Technique
67. The \"Top Ten\" Technique
68. The \"Tip Me\" Technique
69. The \"Recent News\" Technique
70. The \"Interview\" Technique
71. The \"Product Review\" Technique
72. The \"Web Site Review\" Technique
73. The \"Personal Profile\" Technique
74. The \"Word Game\" Technique
75. The \"Samples Of Products\" Technique
76. The \"Checklist\" Technique
77. The \"Calendar Of Events\" Technique
78. The \"Q And A\" Technique
79. The \"First Shot\" Technique
80. The \"Community Gossip\" Technique
81. The \"Transcripts\" Technique
82. The \"Questionnaire\" Technique
83. The \"Free Advertising\" Technique
84. The \"People Care\" Technique
85. The \"Common Sense\" Technique
86. The \"Private Access\" Technique
87. The \"Product For Ad\" Technique
88. The \"Viral Article\" Technique
89. The \"Opt-In Auction\" Technique
90. The \"Listen To Me\" Technique
91. The \"Watch Me\" Technique
92. The \"Keyword Clicking\" Technique
93. The \"Free Directory\" Technique
94. The \"Customer Reminder\" Technique
95. The \"Discount An E-mail\" Technique
96. The \"Offline Myth\" Technique
97. The \"Free Compliment\" Technique
98. The \"Back You Up\" Technique
99. The \"I\'ll Share\" Technique
100. The \"Publish And Grow\" Technique
These list building techniques are perfect for Internet marketers, direct marketers, niche marketers, affiliate markerters, copywriters, auction sellers, entrepreneurs, home business owners, info publishers and sellers, webmasters, etc.
And on top of that you\'ll have the Master Resell Rights. That means you can sell the report, sell the resell rights and even sell the master resell rights. That equals three more ways you can profit from owning this report.
Listen up, nobody knows all these techniques but me, my current customers and quite possibly your competition. But you can change all that by taking me up on this amazing offer today. Most marketers wouldn\'t be willing to share all 100 of these list building techniques but I\'m not greedy

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