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World Renowned Offline Lead Generation Guru Reveals The Specific Gritty Details Toward Creating An Onslaught Of Laser-Targeted Leads Into Your Business...
Millionaire Info-Marketing Wizard Reveals Little-Known Marketing Secrets Thatll Boost Your Profits, Increase Your Free Time, And Catapult Your Chances Of Creating A Legacy!
You wont find this stuff in ANY college textbook--and NO professor or instructor knows about these secrets youll about to discover. Read on to get the scoop on how you can discover the atomic power of these secrets for yourself!

Dear Savvy Marketer,

If youre looking for solid advice from a PROVEN entrepreneur who knows how to shovel cash into his bank account like a vacuum on steroids, then this message will give you all the answers youre looking for.
Because Im going to share with you secret marketing tactics most newbies will NEVER know. This is stuff thatll put ANY marketer into the money zone when they take massive action.
But before I do that, let me tell you about the guy who willingly sat down with one of internet marketings BEST marketers and revealed
Marketing Secrets Will Allow You
To Stomp On ANY Competitor That
Crosses Your Path!!!
His name is Jeff Gardner. You might not have heard from him. But thats OK, because he only has 3 employees and prefers to keep a low profile.
Well for one thing, he has a marketing acumen like no other. You see, he is one of the top marketers in the business opportunity nicheone of the most competitive niches out there.
Go to the local bookstore, check out the magazines, and take a look at Small Business Opportunity magazine. Chances are, youll see one of Jeffs ads in there. And believe meto advertise in this magazine, youve GOT to know your stuff.
Believe me, he does. He knows marketing wizardry like no other. This makes sense since he annihilates every competitor that comes his way!
Let me tell you one of his secrets
Amateur Internet Marketers
Focus On The First Sale!
You see, there are a lot of people who sell $27 eBooks on the internet. Their goal is to sell as many of these books as possibleno matter what the cost or whether or not theyll EVER form a bond with the customer.
This is the strategy about 98 of people who start online businesses use. And thats why most business owners NEVER make enough to pay the monthly water bill.
Im dead serious. You might think Im making this stuff up. But its the DARN truth!
Now expert marketers like Jeff Gardner KNOW the secrets to maximizing customer value. They could care less if they sell a $27 ebook over and over againbecuase theyre in it for the Mega profits that come after the initial sale!
But unfortunately, people dont listen to the experts who actually make decent money on the internet. Instead, they prefer to listen to internet marketing blowhards on marketing forums who only talk the talk and never walk the walk
One of the people whose NOT one of these losers is Russell Brunson. He rakes in over 3 million dollars online and actually walks the walk.
But even HE realizes he doesnt know everything. So he decided to hire Jeff Gardner for a one-hour consultation where Russell could pick his brain and get the REAL scoop on what it takes to rake in the big bucks.
Its all right here in this exclusive audio.
Marketing Secrets Of A
Million-Dollar Info-Preneuer
Jeff Garder Unveils Million-Dollar
Info-Marketing Strategies Thatll Annihilate
98 of your competitors!
Marketing Secrets Of A Million-Dollar Info-Preneuer will give you the inside scoop into one of the most prolific marketing minds today: Jeff Gardner. Youll discover marketing secrets you wont find In ANY marketing textbook and taught by ANY professor on ANY college campus today!
In fact, these secrets are so underground, it literally ticks off the old, stodgy experts that hide behind the walls of college campusesyou know, the ones who have never sold a thing in their lives!
Thats how potent the secrets Jeff Gardner shared on this 78-minute audio. He basically told it like it isno matter how many people he ticked off!
Heres just a sliver of the secrets youll discover on this call:
How to run an effective information marketing company without having to chase hundreds of employees around the office! (Jeff only has 3 people working for him, yet hes able to shovel cash into his bank account despite his company size!)
The secret to qualifying buyers to determine if theyll buy from you again and again (I ward, a lot of the marketing gurus out there dont know this secretand its costing them thousands of dollars a month!!)
How to test an offer online without ending up in the poorhouse (Sadly people ignore this advice and get financially hosed as a result!)
How to boost your bottom line even if youre LOSING money on your initial product. (Jeff just laughs at people when they freak out about losing money with their initial sale!)
The secret to creating a free report that customers will gladly pay for (This is where the lead generation magic begins!)
How to determine what people are going to buy BEFORE they plunk down a single cent!
What your free report should consist of (This has been tested over and over again to be the most lucrative format!!!)
How long should your sales letter be? Jeff, whos a copywriting master, reveals the optimum length of your copy in order to maximize sales.
and a whole LOT more!!!
So, How Much Are Jeff Gardners
Money Making Secrets Worth To
YouThe Savvy Entrepreneur?
Listen, Im going to level with you hereits extremely tough to get real, actionable marketing knowledge out there. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wannabes out there wholl sell crappy ebooks full of regurgitated information to make a quick buck.
Believe me, this is NOT one of those products. Russell had to pay Jeff $1000 an hour to get a hold of his marketing secrets. Believe me, for that kind of dough, Russell wasnt going to settle for rehashed junk he already knows!
Thats what makes this audio extremely powerful. And thats why this audio should be worth at LEAST $1000the amount Russell paid to extract these direct response tactics from Jeff Garner.
But Im going to give you a break today. Because Im going to give you this exclusive audio for a mere (insert price). Thats a fraction of what Russell paid Jeff for this consultation.
In fact, the price of this product is irrelevant. Because just ONE secret from this audio can load your bank account with dead presidentsand practically dwarf the (insert price) you paid for this audio.
Thats no joke!
Master Resell Rights!
See My Store For More Deal!!!
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