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Power Buy Buttons Version 2.0 MRR

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ATTENTION : Next to your sales copy, your "Buy Button" could be the most powerful element of your Sales Page! It's the last thing your prospects will see while deciding whether to plunk down their cold hard cash to buy your product!
Here's Your Chance to Grab 12 Sets of Powerful "Buy Buttons" Designed to Motivate Your Potential Customers to Click That Button!
- and Get You the Sale!
Introducing : Power Buy Buttons 2.0
Buy Buttons. You've seen 'em. Lot's of them. You see them all the time. Big ones, small ones. All colors of the rainbow. You've even clicked on them haven't you? Sure you have, if you've bought anything online.
So what's the big deal about buy buttons anyway? Well, what's the last thing you're looking at while you're trying to decide whether to buy something online or not? Hmmm, I don't think you're watching the latest sports scores on TV are you? I'm willing to bet you're not staring out the window watching your neighbor's dog do a happy dance on your lawn either.
So what are you doing? You're looking at a Buy Button, that's what! So what do you usually see? A small graphic with the words "Click Here to Order". Oh boy. That really pushes ME over the edge to fork over my hard earned cash!
So, what should a Buy Button look like anyway? Well, first of all, let's be honest here. Your Buy Button can't take the place of a great headline and sales copy. Those are the two most important elements of your sales page. Your Buy Button, on the other hand, is your last defence against "Customer Cold Feet". They got that far. You don't want them backing out now.
Here's what your Buy Button should have :
Big enough to grab the customer's attention. C'mon, make it big enough to actually see! I've seen some so puny you practically needed a magnifying glass to see it, and you want me to click on that?
Your product name. Remind them what the heck they're buying.
Short, powerful reminder of why they should buy your product, if you can fit it on there. Not totally necessary, but good to have if you can do it with the design.
Your product guarantee, although if you have it elsewhere, it's not necessary, but a big plus.
Nice, BIG Buy Text, like "Buy It Now!". Make it BIG, make it Bold
Your Price.
And for heaven's sake, make it Look Good. Not like it was designed by a 5 year old kid.
You Now Have a Chance to Grab 12 Sets of Powerful Buy Buttons
That Look Good and Are Designed to Get The Click!
Comes in one color scheme, based on a popular Web 2.0 color
Images shown above have been reduced in size and watermarked to prevent image theft. The actual images are larger and much higher quality.
Including all the .jpg and .png versions of the graphics buttons, You get a total of 48 buttons! I've also included sample graphics to give you an idea of how to customize your buttons!
You Get All 48 Buttons for a Fraction of the Price You'd Pay For Graphic Designer Fees!
.... PLUS, There's More!
I'm also throwing in 8 "Hot Off The Presses" Web 2.0 Style Squeeze Page Templates, brand new, never seen before. These templates, like my others, require no graphic editing and are easily edited in your favorite html editor.
The images below are screen shots and are of course greatly reduced in size, resulting in the text on them being blurry. There is a link below these screenshots to a full size image of Squeeze Page #1. Now, take a look at these babies!
A new window will open. Just close it and you'll be right back here.
Are these sweet or what? These brand new squeeze pages are in some of the most popular Web 2.0 colors. I've also included autoresponder form code built-in. Just edit the code for your particular autoresponder service, and you're ready to rock!
So let's recap :
You're getting 48 Power Buy Buttons, and 8 brand new Web 2.0 Style "No Graphic Editing Required" Squeeze Pages
Listen, if I were to custom design all these for you, you'd be paying me well over $1,000 in graphic and page design fees (no kidding), but today, you won't have to pay nearly that much.
Nope! I'm going to let you have it today for a tiny, tiny fraction of that amount. That's right, you can grab this awesome package right now, for your own personal use on any or all of your own websites for just...
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