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195 AdSense Websites MRR

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This is a Old Package but so Kool!!

If youre holding onto domains without turning them into a passive income streams, then youre leaving money on the table and wasting an opportunity.
OR... if you want to get some cheap domains and develop them as Adsense sites... heres an opportunity you will love!
Discover an easy way to use the potential of Adsense to create multiple income streams, AND increase the value of your domains.

Hi Marketing Friend,
Heres some really great news... You can now have Adsense webpages on your domain(s) in a matter of minutes... even if you dont know a lick of HTML.
With well over 100 topics to choose from, its not difficult to find a site to fit almost any hot keyword topic. Simply copy and paste your AdSense account ID into the text editor (included with this package), click a button, and the entire website is instantly customized with YOUR AdSense ads!
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I happened to have several domains that I wasnt using for anything. So, I decided to try and use some of these sites as Adsense sites. Within about 10 minutes I had finished uploading THREE SITES, all customized with my own Adsense ads.
But even if you dont have any unused domain names you can just as well go buy a few cheap ones or so and develop them with these Adsense sites.
Not too long ago these sites didnt exist and my unused domains were going nowhere. But now they have a full potential to make money AND get indexed by the search engines.
Even if my plan is to hold onto the domains and sell them later... simply by making them into Adsense sites Im increasing the site value by getting them into the search engines. PLUS... the real goal here is getting Adsense clicks that will turn these sites into income streams.
If I decide to sell them and cash-out, thats great too. But instead of putting up a dead domains for sale with nothing on it, you can sell a domain as an established website and probably even proof of income to go along with it!
Remember the game Monopoly?... Well you know the lots always went for more when you put houses on them and this is the exact same concept!
What are the topics of these websites?...
se picture total of 195 website.
and thats just to name a few... this package is loaded!
These are not one-page templates. These are full sites ranging from about 30 pages to over a thousand pages EACH.
There are over 26,000 pages in this full collection!
Along with the sites youll receive a text-editor software with simple step-by-step instructions to insert your Adsense account ID into every page of any website within 2 minutes.
You can customize the sites as much as you want, or you can use them as-is. You can also use them on an existing website. You dont need a separate domain for each site. For example if you have an existing mortgage site, just create a new directory and upload the Adsense mortgage site into it!
Plus, this package of 195 websites is also being offered with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS!!! you can also acquire.
So, not only can you use these Adsense sites yourself.... BUT with Master Resale Rights you can also sell then individually, in groups, or as a complete package! You can use them as bonus items, or bundle them with other products if you get it with Resale Rights.
Normally... over 100 sites like this will sell in the $97 and up range... but wait till you see what you can get all 195 pre-made Adsense sites for here today!
WoW Over 100 Mb ! Master Resale Rights License!

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