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Creating Your First e-Commerce Site MRR

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Is your competition beating you out of business because
they have an ONLINE presence and you dont?
If you dont have an e-commerce site by now,
In 2008, online retail trade turnover in the US measured somewhere around $230 billion,
which represented some 10 pourcent of total US retail sales!
Thats right - 10 pourcent! Those of you who sell physical goods know that this is nothing to sneeze at.
Furthermore, setting up your business online can make you recession proof! Statistics show that even
with the recent economic downturn, the percentage of retail online trade keeps growing throughout the world.
There are many reasons for this:
People are no longer afraid of online transactions
First of all, people have lost their fear of doing business on the internet. They no longer fear having their credit
card number appropriated or being charged for items that are never delivered. The entire shopping experience
has become absolutely seamless, efficient and easy.
People find shopping on the internet to be faster
People are more pressed for time than ever, so they turn to the internet to shop! This saves them gas and possibly
a couple of hours strolling around looking for they want. By simply surfing online and finding your business, they can
find exactly what they want.
People find more information about the product online
Customers also now associate the internet with knowledge. Many people associate buying from a site more private
and more convenient, because they are not constantly being hassled or upsold by a sales agent. Also, everything
they need to know about a product is online - a reprint of a product. Usually there is a very thorough
description of what they are about to buy with photos of the product.
People associate online buying with cheaper prices
For years now, people have perceived the World Wide Web as being a place
where goods or services can be procured at cut rate prices.
People are more likely to take advantage of specials and offers
When you have an online presence you are also able to offer the public more.
You can put your discount items or deals right on the front page.
This saves customers from asking about it online.
Views of products have improved
Nowadays there is no need for your customer to be wondering what the product looks like. You can enlarge photos of your product and offer them in 3D views.
Online delivery methods have improved
Nowadays nobody waits weeks and weeks for something that they have ordered over the internet to come to them. Now these items arrive within a few days or even less!

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