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You Are About To Learn 'Safelist Secrets' That Most People Never Even Thought About
"Who Else Wants To Learn STEP by STEP Detailed Instructions On How To Get Better Results From Your Safelist Marketing Efforts And Learn Secrets About Safelist Marketing That Even The Gurus Aren't Even Talking About"

Dear Friend,
I am simply amazed that more internet markets are not using safelists as an advertising medium.
Adsense marketers... can you imagine what would happen if one of your websites got views from the millions of safelist users out there.
"Dime Sale" product creators and marketers of 100 commission products... At these LOW LOW prices, safelist users will jump all over this...
All of you "Butterfly Marketers" and "forum owners" and Membership site" owners... safelist users love freebies - how many OTOs would you sell if 1000s of safelist users signed up for your free products.
Safelists may be the most important and misunderstoodadvertising medium ever created for the internet.
You could simply sign up today and within 5 minutes be able to send an ad to 100,000+ members. That is the ultimate form of online advertising!
On the other hand, no one can possibly read email from 100,000 other people! So Safelist users end up deleting most of their mail with "throw away" email accounts -- like free Hotmail or Yahoo Web-based. Most safelist users never see your ads that are sent.
Most safelist users post their ads to safelists and hope for the best. When this fails they complain that safelists don't work any more.
Surely you have heard the arguments:
Nobody read safelist emails because the same people who post safelist ads and expect you to read their ads are the same ones that are busy deleting ads that are sent to them.
Most people post to safelists to try to their product and are not interested in buying your product.
Your ad gets stale over a period of time because the same people are reading the ads.
Safelists are unresponsive given the number of ads one has to post just to get a minimal amount of clicks
Safelist submitters have hastened the decline of safelist responsiveness.
There is a lot of talk that safelists are becoming just as obsolete as the FFA.
Are you one of those making these arguments?
Is Your Answer To The Following Questions "Yes"?
Are you unhappy with your safelist marketing efforts?
Are you frustrated because your safelist ads don't work?
Are you posting safelist ads with no results?
Are you are still struggling with safelists?
Have sent out safelist ads but are not getting signups for your programs?
Have joined free or paid safelists or purchased safelist submitters but have seen little or "ZERO" results?
Are using safelists to promote affiliate programs but have not made "ONE" sale?
Do you "have subscribers" but can't get them to buy anything?
The problem is simple.
And I've got the ANSWER. I have created a report called the "Insider Secrets To Marketing With Safelists".
The Insider Secrets To Marketing With Safelists report contains tips, tools and resources you need to effectively PROFIT from safelist marketing.
In this eBook, I'll show you how to get better results from your Safelist marketing.
In summary, here's what you get:
STEP by STEP detailed instructions on how to implement safelist strategies
How to use safelists to build your optin list
How to automate your safelist marketing efforts
How to write effective safelist headlines. I'll show you one strategy that will get your ads opened
How sales are really made using Safelist ads. 95 of safelist users fail to do this.
The one thing that you must do to succeed with safelist marketing
How to choose a product or service to market
Strategies for using email accounts in safelist marketing
The one thing you must avoid when using safelists
The best time of the day or night to send your ads
The best day of the week to send your ads
The 12 steps you should implement to explode your safelist marketing efforts
The secret reasons the "Gurus" use safelists
Why you should run "your own safelist"
Why you should run "your own safelist submitter"
How to track your safelist ads
Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy.
Don't take my word for it. Listen to what our customers say.
Testimonial: "Remarkable, revealing and long overdue. Russell, you've hit a home run! When Mr. Carter told me about his book I doubted that there was anymore I could know about safelist marketing. Boy, was I wrong. With this new knowledge I am now capatalizing on all my safelist tactics. You can not change events until you first change your understanding - take action! Thanks Russell"
Stew Oliver
Testimonial: "I thought I knew most of the in's and out's of safelist marketing.
"The Insider Secrets To Marketing With Safelists ebook added a new depth of knowledge to my understanding of marketing with safelists. "
Stan Huisman
[email protected]://
Testimonial: "I absolutely love the quality, and information in your report.
As you can imagine, I now have quite a considerable list of tutorials in my favourites safelist file. When I need to find some info, I literally need to go through it looking for relevant training.
However, thanks to you putting it all your ebook, it is a breeze to just find what I am looking for in a couple of minutes.
I really needed help on learning how to use safelists and that's exactly what I got from your ebook!
Many thanks Russel, again for your Insider Secrets To Marketing With Safelists report, a FANTASTIC TRAINING TOOL."
PS. Rating "10 out of "10".
Annie Kuzak
If you're serious about your safelist marketing efforts, you will get this report right now and read it today.
By Now You're Probably Wondering:
"How Much Is This Great Information Going To Cost Me?"
You get my "Insider Secrets To Marketing With Safelists" eBook, with all my secrets for only $7.00.
ONLY $7.00
Yes, for the price of a fast food dinner you will have all of the information you need to jump full force into safelist marketing.
Why only $7?
The real question is, is it worth $7.00 to learn how to effectively market with safelists?
I realize that's cheap enough for some of you to wonder if it's really as good as I say it is. And for others, you wonder how I could even charge $7.00 for an ebook on safelists.
Well, I'll tell you right now. No one else teaches this information on marketing with safelists anywhere. I'm revealing my own insider secrets here.
For example, apparently no one else reveals how adsense marketers can benefit from safelists marketings.
No one else reveals how "dime sale" marketers can tap into the pool of "millions" of hungry safelist users.
That alone is worth the alot more thant the measly $7.00 cost for the "Insider Secrets To Marketing With Safelists" report.
I will give you 3 more good reasons why I am charging $7 and not giving this report away.
1. $7 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online business person.
2. Anyone who's not serious enough about their business to invest $7 into this report isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the report anyway.
3. Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and buy this report has the opportunity to sell the report to others and get the FULL PRICE of every copy they sell directly in their own PayPal account immediately. More details on how to do that are in the report.
So if you're serious about your safelist marketing efforts, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.
But most importantly, you can recoup your $7.00.
Here's how...
All you need to do is sell 1 copy of my "Insider Secrets to Marketing With Safelists" ebooks through my 100 affiliate program using my marketing system to get your money back instantly into you paypal accounts
If you don't make your money back, I'll be shocked.
So if you're serious about your online business in 2007, and if you would like to to learn how to increase your overall response from your safelist marketing efforts, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for.

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